Ohlins TTX40 Motorsport Racing Damper

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In stock


This new Twin Tube damper has a 40 mm piston and a "through rod" shaft without any external gas reservoir. The top eye can easily be re-clocked without opening the damper. Due to the powerful external adjusters, opening the shock for valve changing can be reduced to a minimum. Sometimes new settings can be made even without taking the damper off the car.

In the TTX40 the risk of cavitation is minimized and any reservoir valve is unnecessary. So, no balancing of reservoir damping to main piston damping has to be done to avoid cavitation and improve damping response. Maximum response will always occur. With no reservoir valve, the internal pressure of the damper unit will be kept to a minimum. The low amount of hysteresis results in excellent short stroke/high force performance. Also a very low gas pressure can be used, without any loss of damping performance.

Download the (10Mb) TTX-40 Shock owners manual here.

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