Penske Racing Shocks 8300 Shock Absorber

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In stock


Penske 8300 damper starting @ $795 depending on confguration.

Based on the ever popular 8100 series, the 8300 provides new dimensions of adjustability & versatility to the professional racer and high end after market customer.

Its modular design allows the use of piggybacks where remote versions are not desirable or feasible. A new coarse Acme thread body has been implemented for greater ease of spring pre-load adjustments and gives added durability in harsh environments.

The all new compression adjuster features a adjustable parabolic needle bleed bypass of a conventional shim stack and piston carried over from the 8760/8770 series dampers. This results in 16 clicks of adjustment with enhanced linear steps between settings. Additionally, the compression adjuster housing is configured with a banjo fitted hose for added flexibility in installation.

As the latest offering from Penske Racing Shocks, the new 8300 series damper sets the standard in entry level, double adjustable shock absorbers in terms of performance, quality and value.

Please use our Penske Piggy Back shock Custom Build Sheet or Penske Remote Cannister/Hose Build Sheet to list the specifications of the Penske shocks you require building.

Have a question regarding the new Penske 8300 shock? Please use our Contact Us form or call (707) 938-5664 for Customer Service.

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