Sachs Racing Damper RD 45-2

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The RD 45-2 racing damper uses the same working principle as the RD 36-2 damper. They are both gas pressurized mono tube dampers, with independently adjustable rebound and bump (compression) damping forces. Through there bigger piston, and body tube diameters(45 mm), they containing a larger volume of oil.
This leads to an increased power reserve, especially for high operation temperatures. Apart from this advantage, it is also possible to generate higher damping forces with these dampers.

They are first choice, when it comes to touring car racing, where long strokes and high vehicle weight requiring a more powerful damper design.

The main damper body is split into two separate parts, the outer damper tube and the flange type part which contains a PTFE coated high quality bearing (inner bearing diameter is as 15 mm). This allows more budget friendly repairs in case of damage, and easier and quicker alterations to the stroke or the overall lengths of the damper.

Typical application includes:
*Touring Cars
*GT Cars

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