Ohlins TTX 25 mkII FSAE Formula SAE Shock

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Ohlins TTX25 Formula SAE shock (FSAE).

This year the Öhlins TTX 25 FSAE, the Formula SAE version of the Cane Creek Double Barrel damper has been further updated and optimized for the need of the FSAE teams(mkII). It will continue to use similar technology to the rest of the Öhlins TTX products utilizing four completely independent external adjusters and a solid main piston with twin tube design.

Spare parts, a revalve kit and service tools are also available, making the product fit in line with the rest of the Öhlins brand. Öhlins USA has encouraged the students in all of the collegiate design competitions from day one to take the initiative and modify the damper valving to better fit it to their needs and now with the help of the available revalve kit and spare parts they will be one step closer.

**Shocks are sold in matched sets of 4 units **

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