Penske Racing Shocks 8760 Shock Absorber

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Race teams demand the newest damper technology to be integrated into their overall chassis design and it is for this reason that Penske Racing Shocks unveiled a completely new damper concept in 1998, the 8760 Series.

The 8760 offers a more extensive range of "tunability" and hardware options in order to fulfill each race teams' specifications as well as the personal preferences of race engineers and drivers. With a variety of upgrades in its' overall damping range, tunability, and serviceability, it features an advanced modular design which will allow greater leeway in chassis packaging. This is accomplished with a new body that allows the radial positioning of either a piggyback or remote reservoir at any included 360 degree location. The 8760 is offered as a 3-way and 4-way adjustable damper and is available in both a standard body size and 45 mm.

Please use our Penske Piggy Back shock Custom Build Sheet or Penske Remote Cannister/Hose Build Sheet to list the specifications of the Penske shocks you require building.

Have a question regarding the new Penske 8300 shock? Please use our Contact Us form or call (707) 938-5664 for Customer Service.

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